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Viewing Point Clouds with Scan-Based Sampling in Trimble RealWorks

Working with scan datasets requires numerous tools, tips, and tricks to create finalized productions. One valuable tool to assist you in your workflows is Trimble® RealWorksTM Scan-Based Sampling.

Scan-Based Sampling can be found within the Sampling tool located in the Production mode, under the Edit tab, and in the Cloud section of the ribbon. Select the dropdown arrow, choose Scan-Based Sampling, select the Split per Station box, and hit Create

Trimble Realworks

Now a folder containing each individual scan station will appear within the lower WorkSpace window, below your Project Cloud. Each scan is viewable with the lightbulb icon and assigned an individualized station color. Each scan can now be selected and displayed separate from the remaining project. 

Trimble Realworks

Let’s go over a few applications of this tool:

One use for Scan-Based Sampling is single or specific scan segmentation. Unwanted data is sometimes present in a single scan and isolating this scan can make cleaning easier. For example, the diligent employee responding to an urgent email from the CEO can quickly be segmented from the station scan. The single scan is orientated to avoid selecting any background points, and the segmentation is quickly made.