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What to Expect at the Trimble Dimensions+ User Conference

The Trimble Dimensions+ conference promises to be a survey and mapping professionals’ geospatial odyssey with new technology spotlights, hands-on demonstrations, educational workshops and much more.

After a four-year hiatus, Trimble Dimensions+ will be held Nov. 7-9, 2022, at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas with the ever popular Offsite Expo where attendees will get a hands-on look at software, machine control and surveying demos, classrooms for computer lab training.

“We are always amazed to see what our customers are working on and how we can help them,” said Scott Crozier, Vice President, Survey and Mapping. “Trimble Dimensions is an incredible opportunity to learn and share the new ways our products and connected workflows are making an enormous difference in productivity, safety and sustainability.” 

Session Sneak Peeks

Attendees to the conference can learn how public and private entities are using familiar solutions, such as 3D laser scanning, mobile mapping and UAV imagery to create the modern digital twin, and how those digital models are being used to make informed decisions.

Breakout sessions will include practical use cases such as how surveyors at HDR Engineering, created a digital twin of the Murray Dam. Attendees will have a chance to talk with the survey team that used a combination of survey solutions including three different drones, advanced GNSS, laser scanners, machine learning and artificial intelligence to inspect and document the various structures at the dam site.  

Other sessions include a presentation from the surveyors at Frontier Precision and Precision Surveys who developed a geodetic control survey with RTK and RTX technologies that spanned from the Mexican border to the Hoover Dam, and how Foth Infrastructure and Environment used remotely sensed survey tools to map a highway (including 15 bridges) with extraordinary precision.  

We will also have a range of “Ask the Experts” sessions led by our product teams, so you can connect with them on the latest from our GNSS, Scanning, Monitoring, Software and other product portfolios.

Explore Survey and Mapping sessions here.

New Workflows

Geospatial technologies are also essential to sustainability in land and water management and mass data solutions for smart cities. Whether using mobile mapping cameras with high-resolution drone imagery to support more sustainable communities or using construction layout and scanning software to pour concrete, survey and mapping technologies are foundational to delivering environmental, economic and social balance.

Practical sessions and workshops will focus on what’s new in technology advancements, such as:

  • A deep dive into Trimble® Business Center software
  • The Trimble MX50 mobile mapping system including insight into the Trimble MX-Simulator, a virtual space for software, hardware and algorithm simulations
  • The inner workings of the Trimble SX12 scanning total station including the innovative beam deflection prism

Trimble Dimensions+ has something for every geospatial professional, whether you're looking for proven technologies, new developments or would like an inside perspective on what’s coming down the road in the geospatial world. 

Visit for more information or to register to attend.