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What’s New in Trimble Business Center Version 5.80

Now Available: Trimble Business Center Software Version 5.80

Released on October 21, 2022, Trimble® Business Center (TBC) version 5.80 software delivers productivity gains through improved connectivity, simplicity, and efficiency for survey and construction professionals.

With these new enhancements and features, TBC offers you the unique ability to use a single CAD software package for all your survey and construction data processing, CAD, and deliverable needs.

Managing your survey data all in one place increases efficiency and supports your project from start-to-finish.

Download TBC version 5.80 here and read the entire list of new features in the release notes and the read me documentation.


From specialty applications such as scanning, tunneling, and aerial photogrammetry to core survey data, TBC version 5.80 connects your multi-sensor data in one project environment to eliminate the need for multiple software packages, reduce file exports and data fidelity concerns, and save software purchase and maintenance costs to complete your final deliverables.

Add data from the latest Trimble scanning system, the Trimble X12, into your topographic or as-built survey project.

Create CAD tunnel cross-sections from tunnel inspection maps for construction verification and documentation of excavation, shotcrete, and final lining.

Leverage TBC’s streamlined aerial photogrammetry processing workflow improvements further with drag-and-drop Wingtra image support and GNSS baseline processing support for DJI M300 P1 trajectories.

View your data within real-world context in the new Web Map Service (WMS) background map from one or more geospatial databases per the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.


The Trimble X12 laser scanning system gathering data and import into TBC. 


TBC version 5.80 improves existing workflows across cadastral, mobile mapping, and takeoff/mass-haul, while also building upon industry-standard CAD imports and tailored routines for Trimble and third-party field data formats, to harness rich field data across more intuitive and powerful commands. Your data is usable across any number of the supported survey and construction workflows in TBC.

Complete cadastral deliverables with new options such as creating COGO collections from existing linework, support for nested parcels (land boundary situations), and ease-of-use enhancements.

Remain in TBC for all mobile mapping processing needs with the flexibility of the POSPac™ trajectory processing now included with the TBC Mobile Mapping subscription license—no separate POSPac MMS license required.

Trimble MX50 mobile mapping system gathering data, which can then be imported into TBC.


Continue your digital construction and engineering workflows with extended functionality for IFC files, scan inspection routines, and new automated point cloud feature extraction commands. Combined with the latest enhancements of the coordinate system library, the Trimble ecosystem for digital project delivery has never been stronger—from the latest field sensors such as the Trimble SX12 and R12i, to data collection in Trimble Access version 2022.10, to data integration and processing in TBC version 5.80.

Extend your fidelity and capability of working with IFC files with expanded properties retained and displayed in the Project Explorer and Properties Pane. 

Select individual faces on a 3D object or multiple objects for comparison to a point cloud for more control over your point cloud inspection results. Or import heat maps from Trimble Access field software to generate an expanded report or integrate with other survey data in TBC.

The Automated Feature Extraction tool in TBC.

Extract 2D CAD geometry and manhole objects with new automated feature extraction tools to turn point cloud data into actionable topographic information more quickly.

New updates to the Coordinate System Database help you deploy individual EGM2008 geoids in Middle East countries, search for coordinate systems by EPSG ID, and change horizontal datums while transforming local datums, amongst other improvements.

For more information on Trimble Business Center, visit our product page or contact your local Distribution Partner.