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What’s New in Trimble Business Center Version 5.70

Now Available: Trimble Business Center Software Version 5.70

Released June 1, 2022, version 5.70 of Trimble® Business Center (TBC) software includes valuable improvements that emphasize accuracy, flexibility and efficiency in the work of survey and construction professionals.
Recognizing how important accuracy is, TBC v5.70 has enhanced as-built analysis and delta reporting capabilities that allow the user to easily compare scan data and 3D models. Identifying changes in the field helps verify accuracy and compliance with the design. In addition, all geodetic databases have been updated to ensure the utmost accuracy in every project.
With increased customization and personalization of templates, TBC is an effective collaboration tool for sharing information with colleagues across an organization. For added convenience and efficiency, the new TBC software has expanded capabilities in aerial photogrammetry and specifically, enhanced the workflows for tunneling. These user-friendly end-to-end solutions in TBC reduce the need to work with multiple software solutions, which streamlines processes.
Below are the major new features for this release. Click here to download the new TBC 5.70 version.

Scan Inspections

With expanded scan inspection features, TBC v5.70 allows survey and construction professionals to perform detailed analysis and comparisons between two sets of scan data, or scan data to a 3D object (mesh, IFC, TRB, or surface).
The new scan inspection workflow allows users to import scan inspections already created through Trimble Access™ software, as well as create new inspections in TBC.

This workflow enables users to pick points around the area of inspections, set tolerances and display a color map. Then users can calculate the delta between scans or the distance from a scan to an IFC model.
Once the points are defined and added to the project, users can create a report that displays the inspection area with the labeled points and detailed reporting of those deltas.

Scan inspection workflow as-builtscan inspection as-built station viewscan inspection as-built report

Lane Line Feature Extraction

Create accurate and automated deliverables from scans using expanded feature extraction tools to extract lane line markings. Users can now classify buildings from aerial data, and improvements have been made to other extraction options.

lane line feature extraction

Aerial Photogrammetry Enhancements

Updates to the Trimble Business Center (TBC) Aerial Photogrammetry module include a simplified, guided three-step process to import, adjust and create deliverables while supporting more sensors on the market such as MicroDrones (mdMapper1000DG, mdLiDAR1000LR, mdLiDAR3000, and mdLiDAR3000DL).
With the TBC v5.70 release, the TBC Aerial Survey subscription bundle now includes scanning functionality—equivalent to the TBC perpetual license Scanning module—at no additional cost, on top of the existing Aerial Survey subscription offering. The additional scanning functionality includes access to tools such as automated point cloud region classification, sampling, feature extraction, and more.

For more information, visit the TBC subscription page.

Aerial Photogrammetry Workflow

Trimble Identity (TID) Personalization & Customization

This new release of Trimble Business Center enables users more personalization and customization capabilities through the Trimble Identity (TID) authentication system. The User Profile Manager provides a single location to perform all tasks related to backing up, customizing and configuring the TBC layout.
The command supports the storage of multiple user options and ribbon layout template files and enables sharing with colleagues and others.

User profile enhancements in TBC v5.70

Trimble Geodetic Library Updates

Trimble frequently updates its geodetic database to ensure your data is accurate for every project. This accounts for tectonic activity, changing site conditions, and other region-specific updates based upon user requests. In this latest release, datums, geoids, grids, time-dependent transformations, and zones have been updated.

TBC geodetic library updates

End-to-End Trimble Tunneling Solution

The Trimble Business Center (TBC) Tunneling module v5.70 now encompasses Trimble Access and TBC as a complete system that provides an end-to-end solution for tunneling customers. TBC supports streamlined data processing and deliverable creation from data captured using Trimble Access field software and the Trimble SX12 scanning total station.
The tools in TBC allow contractors and surveyors to be more productive with point clouds and total station data, which enables them to perform construction control and as-built verification. Consolidation of all reports and deliverable creation prevents the need for multiple software packages and drastically reduces point cloud cleanup and processing time with filtering and mesh editing. Additional and enhanced reports for construction as-built and verification make for a comprehensive deliverable creation in TBC software.

End-to-end Trimble tunneling solutions with TBC

For more information on Trimble Business Center, visit our product page or contact your local Distribution Partner.