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Scanning Solves on a Parisian Data Center Survey Project

FACTO GEO was asked recently to provide a survey of a data center in Paris. On top of the roof of the immense building are large fans that control the indoor climate.

These fans, known as dry coolers, are 12 meters long, 3 meters wide, and weigh 40 tons. Cold air is drawn in from below and warm air is blown out from above. It is essential to keep these airflow streams separate.

Team working on the rooftop with the Trimble SX12 scanning total station.

For this purpose, their client Polyned developed a solution for separating the air layers on top of the roof of the data center. It was important to them that the existing situation on the roof was measured to a millimeter level so that they could install the product to the customer’s satisfaction.

FACTO used a combination of Trimble® SX12 scanning total station and Trimble X7 3D laser scanning system to perform a combined scan and total station survey.

Measurements being taken.

Rob ten Wolde, project manager at Polyned, said, "This project was and is under significant time pressure for our client. We quickly had discussions and conveyed what we needed to be surveyed. The location is unique. It’s elevated, and the fans emit heat. Additionally, the building has some vibrations since a portion of the overall project is still under construction."

SX12 surveying the industrial site.

"So, there are quite a few factors to consider. That’s why we choose to perform both a 3D scan and a total station survey, and even a manual measurement to validate the 3D scan results."

Ten Wolde concluded, "This process went very smoothly. We were able to adapt quickly, and it was a great experience for FACTO GEO’s surveyors at this unique location. As a result, we can successfully complete the engineering part and install the product accurately."