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Preserving a Landmark After a Major Fire

As the world has recently experienced, the tragedy unfolded by fire upon a historic structure is overwhelming. This was the case for the Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter, known as England’s first hotel, devastated by a major fire in 2016.

In an effort to restore as much of the exterior façade of the building while rebuilding the interior, an intuitive, robust and reliable monitoring solution was put into place soon after the fire. This system, comprised of a Trimble high-accuracy S9 Robotic Total Station used in conjunction with Trimble’s 4D Control monitoring software, keeps watch over the remaining façade as renovation plans are made. The monitoring system not only watches over the standing remnants of the hotel but provides additional oversight of workers who are taking painstaking care towards rebuilding this important historical landmark.

Working closely with our partners, KOREC monitoring specialists and Sumo Services, we invite you to take a closer look at the monitoring system that is helping to preserve a landmark where generations have gathered since 1769.

Here is a detailed account of the Trimble monitoring system that is helping keep a fire-devastated hotel safe as it awaits return to its former glory through historic restoration: Royal Clarence Hotel Monitoring Case Study