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Bryce Adams on The Geoholics Podcast

If you have ever wondered if the officers surveying accident and crime scenes are Professional Land Surveyors, this episode is for you. Bryce Adams, ACTAR #1659 is an Applied Forensics Expert with Trimble Forensics. He has accumulated thousands of hours of training in the field of crash investigation, earned the ACTAR accreditation, is a certified trainer through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and has trained numerous future police officers in the area of crash investigations and reporting. Needless to say, Bryce is an “expert” in the area of crash investigations in both civil and criminal cases. In this episode, Bryce and The Geoholics discuss the methods used in a variety of criminal and accident scenarios, the importance of good record keeping, combining the different types of data collection and general crime scene skills. Interview starts at: 21m55s   |   Credits: