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Enhanced Connectivity, Productivity with the New Trimble R980 GNSS System

Introducing the Trimble® R980 GNSS system, the latest addition to our GNSS receiver portfolio. Built on industry-leading Trimble GNSS technology, including the Trimble ProPoint® GNSS engine and Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation, this premium device is designed to elevate the land surveying experience with improved capabilities to take your work to the next level.

Surveyor using the Trimble R980 with the pole tilted near a tree

Connectivity for uninterrupted field operations

The R980 introduces an enhanced communications platform to keep surveyors connected in even the most challenging conditions. With a dual-band UHF radio and integrated worldwide LTE modem, this receiver ensures you are always in reach of vital correction data, no matter where your work takes you. Its ability to switch between 450 MHz, 900 MHz or LTE bands provides flexibility in how you receive and transmit RTK corrections and allows you to easily adapt to a job site's specific requirements while minimizing the complexities associated with radio licensing.

Trimble R980 in a surveyor's hands having the radio antenna attached

The inclusion of a 4G LTE modem is a future-proofing upgrade, providing a solution to the impending obsolescence of older network technologies and ensuring that your operations continue smoothly without interruption. 

The R980 also supports the Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) for streaming RTK corrections using Trimble Access™ field software. This allows for more connected workflows, designed to streamline your operations and enhance productivity. Using IBSS makes it possible to collect data without disruption caused by the limitations of physical radios.

Trimble ProPoint and TIP Technology: precision in every environment

Leveraging the legacy of innovative Trimble technologies, the R980 features the Trimble ProPoint GNSS engine along with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)-based tilt compensation facilitated by Trimble TIP technology. This combination ensures that surveyors can achieve pinpoint accuracy, even in the most demanding GNSS environments. Whether working amongst urban buildings or under tree canopy, the precision afforded by these technologies greatly reduces the common challenges posed by obstructed satellite signals. Trimble TIP technology lets you capture data points without the requirement to level the pole, streamlining the surveying process and enhancing productivity. 

Real-time correction service included

The R980 comes equipped with a complimentary 12-month subscription to the Trimble CenterPoint® RTX correction service, which delivers real-time corrections with centimeter-level precision via satellite or internet. This feature is a valuable tool for professionals who require accuracy without the logistics and overhead of managing a local base station or VRS network. The service is complemented by the Trimble xFill® correction service that extends RTK positioning during signal interruptions.

Surveyor standing beside a river holding a survey pole with the Trimble R980

Signal disruption mitigation & comprehensive satellite support

The R980 also includes Trimble IonoGuard™ technology, specifically designed to combat the challenges posed by ionospheric disturbances that can affect RTK GNSS positioning. This technology helps maintain high levels of positioning availability and robustness, even during periods of increased solar activity that are known to disrupt signal quality, like the current period of Solar Cycle 25. In addition, Trimble EVEREST Plus™ provides advanced multipath mitigation performance by identifying and removing unwanted multipath signals, and Trimble Maxwell 7 technology provides protection against GNSS spoofing to help maintain the quality and integrity of your work.

A Comprehensive Solution for Today’s Surveyor

The R980 combines superior connectivity options, an industry-leading GNSS positioning engine and unparalleled accuracy into one comprehensive package. It is engineered to support a wide range of projects, from land surveying and infrastructure development to energy exploration and construction projects.

The new features of the R980, built on top of the proven Trimble R12i track record, deliver productivity gains that translate to cost and time savings. With more options to choose the best method for collecting data, more efficient workflows made possible in more locations, and trusted results, the R980 is ideal for the most demanding survey tasks.


The Trimble R980 GNSS system is available now through a Trimble Authorized Distributor. Find a distributor near you using our locator tool.

For more information and the detailed spec sheet, visit the R980 product page.

Watch an on-demand webinar to learn more about the R980.