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What’s New in Trimble Perspective Version 3.2

Introducing Trimble® Perspective version 3.2, featuring all-new capabilities for the new Trimble X9 3D laser scanner release, both released May 23, 2023 and available now. Continue reading to explore the headline enhancements in Trimble Perspective 3.2 and review the Release Notes to find additional features contained in this version.

Version 3.2 Features & Enhancements

Trimble X9 Support

Perspective version 3.2 provides support for the new X9, which allows capture rates of up to 1 million points per second, has a range of 150 meters, an improved point cloud colorization process, and enhanced sensitivity on all settings to collect data from the most difficult surfaces.

The first image below shows the station-based view from an X9 panoramic image. The second image displays the measured and unmeasured points from that same station’s scan. The captured points are shown in gray/black, while the unmeasured points are shown in red.

Improved panorama image quality

X9 unmeasured points (red) on reflective surface at 1 million points per second

Enhanced Colorization

The enhanced point cloud colorization process reduces the number of occlusion areas found in images and point cloud visualization. In the past, problem areas included features such as power lines. The image below shows the improved imagery along the wires of a power line dataset. Additional improvements were made to the junction between the face 1 and face 2 scan lines, giving a smoother transition from one line to the next.

Data quality for power lines

Export Options

With the improved imagery provided by the enhanced colorization process, high-quality panorama images can now be exported directly from Perspective. These exported images are automatically saved as .jpeg files within the project folder.

Another new export option is the ability to export selected stations from the project. From the station menu, select a single station, multiple stations, or registration sets for export in the format of your choice. Registration sets can also be renamed to provide better context to your scanning projects.

Export selected stations

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