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What’s New in Trimble RealWorks Version 12.4.2

Trimble® RealWorks™ version 12.4.2 is now available, featuring new instrument and operating system support, additional modeling capabilities and enhanced visualization. Continue reading to explore the key developments in Trimble RealWorks 12.4.2 or review the Release Notes to find the full list of features and improvements contained in this version.

Released on May 23, 2023, Trimble RealWorks 12.4.2 is available now, and can be downloaded here.

Version 12.4.2 Features & Enhancements

Trimble X9 Support

RealWorks version 12.4.2 supports the all-new Trimble X9 3D laser scanner. With the X9, capture data at 1 million points per second at up to 150 meters, with improved sensitivity in every scan setting. Transfer your scan data to Trimble RealWorks faster than ever with the improved TZF compression ratio, saving you time and storage space.

Trimble X9 3D rendering of St. Jacobi church in Sangerhausen, Germany

Enhanced Colorization

The image stitching process for the X-series scanners has been updated to give higher-quality panorama images and point cloud colorization. RealWorks version 12.4.2 gives the option to create and export high-quality images in a .jpg format upon import. Once the data is registered, export the panorama position and orientation parameters in a .csv file format to accompany your images in panorama viewing software.

Modeling Workflows

Building off the RealWorks 12.3 release, a new cable tray modeling tool is available and is compatible with the export to Autodesk Revit workflow. Create cable tray models from point clouds using the simple, single-click operations to generate straight segments, elbows, tees, crosses and reducers. Once the models are created, send them into an active Autodesk Revit project, utilizing the design specifications of Autodesk model families.

Additionally, RealWorks has an optimized setting for small diameter pipe modeling within the create pipe tool. When starting a new pipe run, hold the CTRL key while picking the points to generate the pipe model.

System Update

RealWorks now delivers faster performance with larger datasets than ever before. Improvements include faster display times when viewing or hiding numerous point clouds, geometries, or the entire point cloud, along with better performance while using the station setup, target analyzer or georeferencing tools.

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