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Dimensions Preview 2023: Unlocking the Power of Scanning

From beginners to experienced users, everyone will benefit from the scanning track at Dimensions 2023.

Sessions include overviews of scanning fundamentals, best practices that leverage software functionality, hands-on lab learning, new feature presentations, and customer workflow stories. Introductory sessions can kickstart a new scanning practice while advanced sessions will help accelerate deliverable creation.

Choose from a range of sessions, including:

Intro to Trimble Scanning [G-1502]

Considering adding laser scanning to your service offerings? This hands-on overview of the Trimble scanning portfolio highlights key points about each option to help identify which scanner or software would be most beneficial depending on your industry and accuracy needs. Learn about the Trimble® X7, Trimble X9 and Trimble X12 3D laser scanners and Trimble Perspective field software from the Trimble experts.

Fundamentals: Getting Started with RealWorks [G-1304]

New to scanning? Get a solid foundation for your scanning workflows with an overview of best practices and important settings in Trimble RealWorks™ software. Learn how to use specific tools like segmentation and other tools for cleaning your point cloud that will set up successful registration and deliverable creation for future scanning projects.

Fundamentals: Registration in RealWorks [G-1305]

Proper data registration is a key step in the scanning workflow and critical for creating high quality deliverables. This session reviews different methods to register point cloud data in Trimble RealWorks and how to QA the registration to ensure accuracy.

Meet the Reality Capture Team [G-1697]

Trimble's Reality Capture team includes representatives from Support, Engineering, Product Management, and Testing. They will be available to answer any questions you have about reality capture, from mobile mapping to terrestrial scanning, covering both hardware and software. Whether you are interested in asking questions, want to provide feedback or suggest enhancements to any Trimble products, or mention anything specific you would like to see included in sessions at Dimensions, this is a great opportunity for anybody involved in or thinking about getting into Reality Capture.

The scanning track at Dimensions provides valuable insights to help you make the most of your scanning hardware and software. Gain the knowledge necessary to be more productive and create deliverables that meet challenging customer requirements.