All location data collected in the Ecobot wetland delineation app is submeter accurate and fully represented in an Esri ArcGIS shapefile at the end of your project.

Built from within the industry around the existing wetland delineation workflow. Works offline, includes reference guides and automatically performs calculations and QAQC.

Walk your wetland boundary to create polygons and navigate to recorded sampling points natively in the app. As soon as your fieldwork is done, you have Esri ArcGIS-ready polygons.

Ecobot is environmental services software built specifically for wetland scientists and their GIS teammates; Ecobot provides seamless integration between GIS and environmental services teams.

Ecobot Value Proposition

Ecobot Value Proposition


Supported Trimble GNSS Solutions

Environmental scientists can record submeter accurate data with the Ecobot wetland determination app by connecting to Trimble GNSS devices without having to call in a surveying team. This speeds regulatory reporting, saving money and keeping projects on-time, protecting natural resources while enabling responsible economic progress.

  Trimble R1             Trimble R2             Trimble R12

 Trimble R1             Trimble R2                 Trimble R12

Customer Stories

GHA Engineers

"I feel like I am learning just by using Ecobot. It is making me better at conducting wetland delineations. It's like a secret weapon. And, the app integrated with the Trimble R1 is helpful no matter the scale of my projects. It is not limited in scope or scaleit helps on large and small projects with massive levels of efficiency."

- Caitlin Burke, Environmental Consultant, GHA Engineers


Burns & McDonnell

"Ecobot provides great offline hydrology, soils, and vegetation indicator lookup tools as these vary with each US Army Corps of Engineers region. Having built-in references help me to make more informed decisions around what indicators to select in different conditions and regions. The Ecobot integration with Esri and Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers really speeds things up and reduces the amount of post-processing in ArcGIS."

- Olivia Haney, Environmental Scientist, Burns & McDonnell


ESI Inc.

"I always wished I could open a US Army Corps of Engineers form right in my mobile application mapper. Now I can do that with Ecobot as well as remove devices with the simplification of the workflow into less hardware and software. It makes my job in managing projects, teams, data, and catching errors much easier."

- Scott Denham, Wetlands & Permitting Manager, ESI Inc.



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