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What's New in T4D v6.1: Automated Movement Detection with Confidence

Automated Movement Detection with Confidence

Trimble’s Commitment to Monitoring Service Providers Presented in Latest Round of Updates

Trimble is committed to providing an automated monitoring portfolio that meets the modern construction, survey and monitoring professionals’ needs. In keeping with that promise, we’ve released T4D Control v6.1, Trimble Access Monitoring field software v2020.20 and Settop M1 total station controller firmware v4.0.

T4D Control provides automated movement detection with confidence, enabling informed decisions about infrastructure for surveying and construction professionals. The main benefits of the T4D platform at its core are:

  • Sensor Management and Data Integration: T4D allows automated integration of geospatial data in one platform.
  • Geodetic Processing and Adjustment: T4D is the only software that combines GNSS, total station and geotechnical sensors with geodetic processing in a single environment allowing for highly accurate processing.
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Visualization: There are several ways to visualize data and combine inputs for meaningful analysis of key insights.
  • Conditional Alarming and Reporting: T4D allows you to receive timely updates and share mission critical warnings and deliverables with project members within moments of a triggered alarm.

Introducing Trimble 4D Control v6.1 

Trimble Monitoring has introduced updates to its core monitoring platform that will deliver several benefits. These updates will simplify and streamline monitoring project setup and deployment, while providing automated movement detection with confidence.

Following are the new features of T4D Control v6.1

T4D overview

Sensor Management and Data Integration

Simplifying T4D Deployment With Cloud-Based Hosting in Microsoft Azure

The introduction of supporting installations on a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure greatly simplifies the deployment of T4D. Having the option to host T4D Control in the cloud provides the following advantages:

  • Ease of getting started with monitoring in a cloud-based deployment 
  • Eliminates the need to buy dedicated server hardware 
  • No need to have multiple servers for different installations

This bulletin summarizes all information relevant to T4D cloud-based hosting in Microsoft Azure. Please review this content before running this installation.

Microsoft Azure


Keep an Eye on Site with Trimble VISION, Settop M1, and the new T4D Data Collector

The benefits of T4D’s Data Collector module have been combined with the Settop M1, increasing the flexibility and functionality for controlling total stations in the 4D Control server. By running the server in a passive mode in combination with the Settop M1, users still benefit from all the advantages of directly controlling the total station at the same time.

This new communication mode, via the Settop M1, in the Data Collector module provides:

  • The ability to actively control the instrument through an on-board camera from T4D Control using Trimble VISION technology
  • Simplified addition of new targets because of the ability to import target positions with defined coordinates from CSV files
  • Streamlined total station operations by using a single module (i.e., the Data Collector) for any total station connections

For more information on how this relates to the Data Receiver module, the requirements and how you can benefit the most from this new feature, please read this bulletin.



Comprehensive Analysis and Visualization

Upload All Sensor Coordinates in T4D Web

Manually collected sensor data, from any sensor type, can now be uploaded through the web application of T4D Control. This feature enables a streamlined process for adding and combining manually derived sensor coordinates with data from automated sensors.

T4D web coords

T4D data entry

Bulk Sensor Creation in T4D Web

T4D Web makes it possible to add multiple manual sensors at once versus one at a time. When importing an XLSX file that contains a list of multiple sensor names and associated locations in N,E,H or Lat/Long, these sensors will be automatically created and thus, save time.

Bulk Sensor

Trimble Access Monitoring v2020.20

The latest version of Trimble Access (TA) Monitoring streamlines automated monitoring system setup by reducing the need for multiple applications and devices to be brought on site. This version also allows monitoring providers to follow the same workflow for both manual and automated monitoring projects. 

This update allows users to import/export between TA and T4D Control, directly importing a site setup in the field via a .tamsetup file extension. Likewise, site setup information available in the T4D Control Data Collector module can also be exported using a .tamsetup file extension to be used with TA Monitoring.

TA Monitoring

Another option is to perform the TA site setup transfer through the Settop M1 (this feature requires Settop M1 firmware v4.0 or later). While the Settop M1 is connected to T4D Control and a site setup is transferred from TA Monitoring, T4D Control automatically receives all site setup information and configures related settings accordingly (e.g., station setup type, scheduler settings).

For more information on Trimble Access Monitoring v2020.20, see the release notes.

Site Setup transfer through Settop M1

Settop M1 v4.0

In addition to the features mentioned above for TA Monitoring and T4D Control, the Settop M1 introduces additional enhancements for greater total station control and flexibility, including:

  • Two-face reset reference circle option
  • Specify time server used with the Settop M1

The release notes provide more information on Settop M1 v4.0 firmware, found here.


Geodetic Processing and Adjustment

Coordinate Exporter

The following enhancements have been applied to the Coordinate Exporter module:

  • New option to generate a separate file per processing result
  • Improved naming of archived files
  • Reworked FTP upload file selection

Coordinate Exporter

These updates to the Trimble Monitoring core platforms simplify automated monitoring system deployment and setup while enhancing functionality for existing monitoring installations. Trimble Monitoring continues to provide industry standard solutions for automated movement detection that enables survey and construction professionals with confidence.

More Information

Trimble 4D Control v6.1 software can be downloadable here and for more information, the release notes can be viewed here.