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Update Your Monitoring Workflows with the Latest Releases from Trimble Monitoring

Trimble Monitoring is proud to share the newest solutions for automated and semi-automated monitoring. Elevate data measurement capabilities, streamline project workflows, and upgrade your monitoring projects. This blog will cover the following:

  • Trimble 4D Control™software, v6.3

  • Trimble Access™ Monitoring software, v1.1.4

  • Trimble Business Center™Monitoring software, v5.60

  • Trimble R750 MON Monitoring GNSS Receiver

S series monitoring

Trimble 4D Control v6.3

Trimble 4D Control v6.3 adds new capabilities for the software to work in combination with the Trimble SX Series Scanning Total Stations’ advanced imaging and measurement capabilities. This version also supports industry-leading vibration and weather sensors and a streamlined workflow between the Trimble Access Monitoring Module in the field with the new T4D Access Edition used in the office.

Trimble 4D Control v6.3 was made available on December 15, 2021. For more detail, see the Release Notes.

Superior accuracy and image quality for automated monitoring using the SX series

Integrating with the Trimble SX Series Scanning Total Station, T4D users benefit from Trimble VISION™ imaging technology and high-accuracy Lightning 3DM technology for more accurate measurements, enabling a more dense target placement on linear corridors such as rail tracks, tunnels, roads, and bridges. A live video feed makes it possible to better understand site conditions, manage target placement remotely and capture images for use with T4D visual inspection capabilities. These images can be compared over time and viewed next to the displacement or movement charts. This enables users to identify the potential cause of displacement and record movement changes over time.

Trimble 4D v6.3

Extended support for vibration and weather sensors for automated monitoring projects

Users can now integrate industry-leading solutions from Syscom and Vaisala with T4D version 6.3. Vibration sensors from Syscom allow surveying, civil and geotechnical engineers to easily combine geodetic and geotechnical information supporting high frequency and event-based vibration information. This data is often mandatory to report on for civil and infrastructure projects. Integration with the Vaisala weather sensor enables users to analyze the impact of environmental conditions such as temperature, rainfall, wind, and atmospheric pressure in combination with other geospatial and geotechnical monitoring information, which is especially useful for slope stability analysis in mining, landslide, and dam monitoring operations.

Iintegrate industry-leading solutions from Syscom and Vaisala with T4D version 6.3

Simplify the transition from semi- to fully automated monitoring

With the introduction of the new T4D Access Edition, users benefit from the automated, seamless transfer of field data from the Trimble Access Monitoring Module to T4D Access software in the office. This enables users to scale monitoring operations from a semi-automated to fully automated monitoring system while maintaining the continuity of historical data in the same charts and reports.

Trimble Access Monitoring Module

Trimble Access Monitoring v1.1.4

The latest version of Trimble Access Monitoring brings enhanced reporting for linear monitoring projects, automated high-resolution image capture with the SX series instrument, and a streamlined export workflow to TBC Monitoring office software. The alignment-based reporting feature enables monitoring data to be displayed relative to a design path such as railway, tunnel, or roadway providing context to movement statistics. Using the SX instrument, images of monitoring targets can be captured in addition to measurements, providing visual information of the site conditions and trends. For more complex reporting and analysis, data from Trimble Access can be easily imported into a TBC Monitoring through the one-click JSON format, reducing office processing time.

Trimble Access Monitoring v1.1.4

TA Monitoring v1.1.4 was made available on December 15, 2021. It can be downloaded from Trimble Installation Manager on a Windows or Android compatible device.

Trimble Business Center Monitoring v5.60

With the latest version of TBC Monitoring, users can reduce time to create monitoring reports using automated imports from Trimble Access Monitoring. Once the data is imported, use the new Epoch Manager Tool to edit monitoring data in one view, simplifying data management. To finish off the project, the customizable monitoring report can handle varying project requirements.

Trimble Business Center Monitoring

TBC Monitoring v5.60 was made available on November 15, 2021. It can be downloaded here.

R750 MON Monitoring GNSS Receiver

The next generation of Trimble’s Monitoring GNSS receiver has been released - the R750 MON. With full GNSS constellation support and up to 50 Hz position measurement rate, the R750 MON is ready to tackle simple to complex monitoring projects. With an inbuilt 4G LTE modem, sending your monitoring data to the office has never been easier. The receiver seamlessly pairs with Trimble 4D Control for automated analysis, reporting, and alarming on movement measurements.

Read more about the R750 MON here

R750 MON Monitoring GNSS receiver

Additional Information

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