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Settop M1 Firmware v3.0 Introduces Support for Remote Target Acquisition and Measurement

Settop M1

Trimble is proud to announce the release of the Settop M1 firmware v3.0 (Release Notes and Installation Instructions). This release enables monitoring professionals to experience an even more user-friendly communication device, while also benefiting from enhanced remote management of total stations in real-time.

When combined with Trimble 4D Control (T4D) software, the Settop M1 enhances the operation of a Trimble total station, combining the functionality of a field computer, device server, router and remote switch all into one device. This streamlines the number of components needed in the field for buildings, mines, dams, bridges and other structural monitoring applications. Major new capabilities and benefits are covered in the following chapters.

Capture Targets Remotely by Using Trimble VISION®

Trimble VISION

The 3.0 firmware update provides the ability to use the camera view from a Trimble Total Station to add targets remotely and monitor targets that aren’t being measured. This feature also allows users to make sure there are no obstructions to the target acquisition.

Evaluate Site Conditions With External Webcam

In addition to using a camera from Trimble Total Stations, users can use an external webcam allowing for remote site monitoring enabling a better understanding of site conditions and the ability to respond more quickly to critical situations indicated by major visual issues.

Access and Control Monitoring Sites With Your Phone

A new look and feel to the web interface provides more intuitive workflows when controlling a total station and configuring survey instruments, including the site setup and the scheduling of measurement cycles. Whether on a mobile phone, laptop or other device, the interface has been updated to be responsive to any size screen, platform or device orientation.

Access the T4D Software From Settop M1


Users are now able to log in to remote website applications, such as Trimble T4D Control, within the Settop UI. This provides a more streamlined workflow by allowing the user to update their monitoring project settings within the same application and interface. 

Ability to Reset Password Settings

It is mandatory to specify a new password when connecting to the Web UI for the first time. Now, as the direct result of a customer request, after the initial password set up you can reset the password. This is easily done by pushing the power button on the Settop M1 three times, then opening a new tab in your web browser and going to the Settop M1 website.

Increase Confidence by Capturing Multiple Sets of Round Measurements

round measurements

Another new feature allows a user to store a round in one file if the number of sets of rounds is greater than one. As long as the setting is consistent in the T4D Data Receiver Module, this feature automatically fixes any issues when operating with multiple Settop M1 devices in T4D.

Additional New Features

With Settop M1 v3.0, users will also:

  • Benefit from the Settop M1 using the last known position of the previous round instead of the reference measurement to aim to a target. This feature ensures a target can still be found despite a slow but significant movement over time.
  • Be able to reset the reference circle using Trimble Long Range FineLock technology, which provides precise target acquisition of targets beyond 700m.
  • Gain functionality with minor fixes and improvements.

Thanks for checking out the new 3.0 version of the Trimble Settop M1. Keep calm and measure on!