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5 Reasons Utilities Use GNSS Positioning Services for Better Asset Management

Utilities are increasingly moving toward digital solutions that enable them to effectively measure, monitor and manage widespread networks of critical assets. They need a complete solution that enhances their ability to document information accurately and quickly, a short learning curve for non-geospatial professionals, and a fast, easy deployment without major capital expenditures. 

Neoenergia, an integrated energy company in Brazil, operates in the electricity generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization sectors. As a leader in the industry, it is constantly evolving to operate the utility at the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction. 

“Neoenergia field data is monitored real-time in the office by staff, which allows us to keep a close eye on the work,” said Levi Andrade, Program Manager at Neoenergia. “The data is also linked to the network asset management solution so administrators are able to make informed decisions and maximize efficiency of our assets.” 

To improve its asset monitoring and management, Neoenergia has implemented mobile technologies and deployed end-to-end monitoring tools for assets in the field, assisted by Trimble distribution partner, Santiago e Cintra. “Neoenergia continues to evolve along with Trimble technology to help advance its asset management processes while covering a vast network area,” Andrade said. 

For Neoenergia, a combination of the Trimble® Catalyst™ subscription-based GNSS positioning service and the Trimble TerraFlex™ cloud-based field data collection solution provides a way to advance their georeferencing capabilities to support creation of digital twins of their managed assets. Here’s how it’s working for them:

1.    Scalable, complete solution supporting many users

The Catalyst subscription adds value for businesses of all sizes, whether one person or hundreds are employed, and it’s easy to add new users to match the immediate, changing needs. As the service has been deployed, now more than 400 Neoenergia employees use Catalyst daily across five states in Brazil.


2.    Fast learning curve with minimal training

Operation of the Catalyst positioning service with a Trimble DA2 GNSS receiver is simple and easy to learn. With minimal training, staff can use the technology with confidence to collect asset location data, while TerraFlex helps with the creation of forms to collect other characteristics of assets, such as height, type of poles, codes, in addition to the spatialization of the collected data.

3.    Flexible subscription plans

Catalyst subscriptions are available on-demand or by the month or year to fit varying needs: seasonal, year-round or project-based. Users pay only for what is needed, when it is needed. Neoenergia has adopted the Catalyst solution because it offers the benefits of high-precision real-time differential correction and wireless connections through a customizable subscription plan.

4.    Low initial capital expenditure

The combination of Catalyst, DA2 and TerraFlex is compatible with iOS or Android devices, minimizing the need to purchase new equipment. The versatility to connect to the DA2 and the flexibility of the subscription plan combine to make Catalyst a great tool in the asset management workflow.


5.    Fast and highly accurate GNSS positioning 

Catalyst GNSS offers a range of accuracy—from centimeter to sub-meter—even in remote, shady areas. Users can choose the level of accuracy needed for each job by adjusting the subscription. Neoenergia equipped its field staff with Catalyst and DA2 GNSS receivers to improve the accuracy of its asset location data, while the TerraFlex data collection cloud solution, running on a handheld device, expedites data collection and transmits data to the office to support faster decision making and decreased response time.  

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