Easy meets powerful

In your industry, your geography, your projects, TerraFlex combined with the Trimble Catalyst™ GNSS positioning service creates a powerful system that eliminates complexity from field data collection, management, and sharing. The result: efficiency and accuracy, so you can achieve more with less.

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Easy to configure and customize
  • Easy to guarantee accurate data
  • Easy to import and export data
Why Trimble TerraFlex?
How it Works
Subscription Plans
Simplified Accuracy
Connect with Esri

A better way, every step of the way

Trimble has led the evolution of mapping and GIS technology for decades. With Trimble TerraFlex, we’ve changed the game.

Streamlined field operations

From office to field and back again, TerraFlex provides a data collection solution that eliminates complexities and ensures peak efficiency for every member of the team. You focus on collecting the data you need, we’ll take care of connecting the dots.

Accuracy, everywhere

You capture it, we correct it—automatically. Utilizing Trimble's range of high-accuracy GNSS solutions, you get the precision you demand no matter where the job takes you. Easy configuration, zero manual processing, even when working offline.

Effortless adoption & deployment

Trust TerraFlex to work seamlessly across your organization with existing smartphones, tablets and professional data collectors. With easy admin tools and monthly or annual subscription plans, the move to TerraFlex is as simple as it is smart.

Streamlined data collection projects

Simplify the deployment of consistent data collection projects across your entire organization.


How TerraFlex works


1. Create

Create customized form templates and share these with your teams in the field.


2. Capture

Capture the data on your smart devices and sync it back to the office. Take photos, notes, and capture locations; collect new data or keep your existing data up-to-date.


3. Collaborate

Export and share the data to your organization or store in your system of record. Share data collection projects with your team members; visualize collected data in real-time. Streamlined office-field-office workflows ensure a single source of truth and that everyone is working from the same accurate data.

Choose your plan

Trimble TerraFlex subscriptions are available in monthly or annual billing, can be purchased for teams of any size.

Want to try TerraFlex before you buy? Click the link below to find out how to start your free 30 day trial.

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TerraFlex Subscription Plans

Starter Edition

Simple, flexible data collection workflows for getting started on your data collection journey.

Customized field data collection
Real-time high accuracy positioning
Local coordinate system and orthometric heights
Laser rangefinder offsets
More +

Standard Edition

Import and update data in the field, assign tasks to users and track task progress from the office.

Customized field data collection
Import, update, and maintain data
Task-based workflows
Real-time high accuracy positioning
Local coordinate system and orthometric heights
Laser rangefinder offsets
More +

Premium Edition

Extend and improve your productivity and the accuracy of your GIS field data with the most up-to-date Trimble technology.

Customized field data collection
Import, update, and maintain data
Task-based workflows
Real-time high accuracy positioning
High accuracy positioning via offline GNSS corrections
Local coordinate system and orthometric heights
Laser rangefinder offsets
More +

Take your field data collection to the next level

Combine two of Trimble's most versatile solutions into a precision-enabled workflow.

TerraFlex on phone and monitor

Trimble TerraFlex

Leverage the precision of Catalyst with Trimble TerraFlex. TerraFlex has an intuitive interface that makes even elaborate data collection workflows simple to configure and execute. Works with your Android or iOS phone or tablet, or professional handhelds for environments requiring a rugged device.

  • Mobile data collection: Set up projects and send your teams out with customized forms templates for an optimal data collection workflow using the TerraFlex mobile app.
  • Hosted in the cloud: Managing TerraFlex projects is easy thanks to a simple web interface for form creation and task management. Trimble takes care of all the database administration, so you don’t need to expend resources to manage another system.
  • Work offline: Work even in remote areas, with data collection that is fully functional—even offline. When field workers are back in range, data will automatically sync back to the office. And for fieldwork in remote areas without access to real-time GNSS correction services, the Trimble Offline GNSS Corrections™ service in TerraFlex automatically post-processes your data after it syncs to the office.
TerraFlex on phone with DA2

Trimble Catalyst

High-accuracy GNSS using the Trimble Catalyst service is built into your Catalyst plan, so there are no additional GNSS correction services to purchase, maintain, or configure.

  • Accuracy on demand: With enhanced performance and reliability, simply choose the Catalyst accuracy level to match your workflow—from 1 cm to 60 cm.
  • Trimble Corrections Hub: Included with your Catalyst subscription, the corrections hub provides simplified access to real-time corrections data around the world, and works online or offline.
  • Compatibility: Catalyst is fully supported on a wide range of both iOS and Android devices, so you can get the job done on your existing tablet, phone, or dedicated professional handheld devices.

Learn more about Catalyst >

Use Terra Office add-in for ArcMap to connect your TerraFlex data with Esri

Integrate directly with your Esri geodatabase to streamline field data collection for greater productivity and efficiency.

PC Monitor Screen

Trimble Terra™ Office add-in for ArcMap® enables you to create projects straight from your Esri geodatabase and download collected data directly back into it.

There are no import and export processes to manage which means you benefit from higher data quality and greater productivity.

Visit the Terra Office web page

Ready to take the next step?

With Trimble offline corrections, we’ve taken the manual steps out of post-processing to make it as effortless as possible. By automating post-processing, organizations can be confident they are getting the best possible accuracy using TerraFlex, without requiring their field users to be GNSS experts.

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