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Connect TBC and PostgreSQL Database for Mobile Mapping Applications

The growing demand for big data management requires a smart approach for the collection, storage and analysis of assets for a large number of infrastructure projects.

Mobile mapping technology quickly collects large amounts of geospatial data that needs to be organized and accessible by multiple platforms, enabling better decisions based on data-driven analysis.

Learn how to empower the connection of geodatabases between Trimble Business Center (TBC) office software and PostgreSQL.

TBC: Poles features extraction

TBC enables the connection of geodatabases to PostgreSQL databases. The connection is enabled via the GIS TAB, licensed by the TBC Mobile Mapping module. The database connection operates in two directions: reading and writing. 

Once the connection is established, features extracted from mobile mapping data can be stored directly in the connected database.

Read more to understand the step-by-step procedure to connect TBC to a PostgreSQL database. The workflow outlines how the geospatial data, structured within the database table, can subsequently be utilized in other applications for ultimate analysis:

  • Create a PostgreSQL database 
  • Connect to TBC 
  • Features extraction
  • Write extracted features to the database
  • Display extracted data in QGIS 

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