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Dimensions 2023 Preview: TBC Survey Data Processing Track

The survey data processing track at Trimble Dimensions 2023 features hands-on lab learning sessions, new feature presentations, and customer workflow stories that demonstrate how Trimble Business Center (TBC) survey CAD software can be used to maximize your field survey data.

Start with entry-level classes to learn about TBC's GNSS post-processing, setting up coordinate systems, and the benefits of feature coding in the field and office. Then jump into identifying and correcting field blunders, generating plan sets, and inspecting point cloud scans. Or, extend into workflows in TBC to connect your survey data into GIS databases, extract features automatically from point cloud data, or process unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data from leading hardware providers.

The track includes a range of topics to appeal to every level of user, including:

  • Revolutionizing Surveying and Mapping in Construction with TBC Photogrammetry [G-1298] explores the benefits of using UAV technology for land surveying to reduce project time and costs while retaining accuracy on civil construction projects.
  • Calculating Bridge Beam Deformation Using TBC Point Cloud Module [G-1013] teaches TBC Power Users how to use the TBC Point Cloud module, as well as the surface tab and the Point to Surface report. 
  • Practical GNSS Network Processing and Adjustment in Chile using TBC [G-1276] explains how TBC tools were used to access CORS stations in Chile and estimate coordinate precision.

Plus, benefit from these hands-on PC lab sessions:

  • TBC Setup & Processing Tips and Tricks [G-1467] helps new and advanced users increase productivity and efficiency when processing data in TBC.
  • Automatic Point Cloud Feature Extraction in TBC [G-1294] demonstrates how to turn rich point cloud data into actionable information and deliverables with AI- and algorithm-based tools powered by the latest feature extraction routines.
  • Aerial Photogrammetry for Surveyors in TBC [G-1299] provides users with the essentials to work with drones in TBC while showcasing TBC's third-party support and the latest processing features.

Whether you are just getting started in land surveying or are already a seasoned professional, register now for the survey data processing track to help you hone your TBC skills, increase your productivity, and improve your project deliverables.