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Get Full Control Over Your Scans in the Field

Trimble® Perspective is an easy-to-use scanning software that provides unparalleled control over survey-grade data capture and seamless workflows. To help surveyors acquire complete project information as quickly as possible, Trimble Perspective is fully integrated with high-performance Trimble X12 and X7 3D laser scanners. With the touch of a button, Perspective lets you collect, review and analyze scan data in the field to eliminate gaps and ensure accuracy.

The Trimble X7 and newly released X12 are designed for maximum efficiency and simplicity in field scanning. These high-speed 3D laser scanners offer integrated HDR imaging, automatic calibration and survey-grade self-leveling capabilities. Thanks to seamless integration with these 3D laser scanners, Perspective’s robust features enable in-field automated registration, on-the-fly measurements and annotations, and you have control over HDR settings to enhance color and detail depending on bright and dark conditions.

These combined advanced capabilities result in enormous time savings during and after collection. Automatic calibration and registration help ensure data quality to avoid errors, while scanning and measuring simultaneously speeds up data collection. 3D visualization in the field allows you to verify data before leaving the worksite, reducing the need for repeat visits.

This integrated software/hardware solution is ideal for topographic/general surveys, civil infrastructure, industrial surveys, forensics, cultural heritage projects and more. Any type of project that requires superior accuracy, productivity and dependability can benefit, and the flexible workflow is easy to learn for experts and non-experts. The adaptive user interface works with both touch and traditional devices.

Perspective is specifically designed for point cloud processing and analysis. The software is simple to adopt for new users, while providing sophisticated control over the workflows. The integrated system of scanning software and 3D laser scanners enables scans and images to be captured, fully registered together, refined, controlled and exported to a variety of established data formats for Trimble and non-Trimble software suites.

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