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Trimble Clarity's Measurement Tools Updated for Better Survey Workflows

The Trimble Clarity team is excited to announce that the in-app measurement tools have been redesigned from the ground up to provide the confidence you expect when measuring on point clouds and models.

Here are selected highlights from the recent update:

  • Trimble Clarity now auto-attenuates (increases the size for visual purposes) the points in a point cloud, making it easier to see the data in the world or in isolation mode. This results in significantly improved precision when creating measurements.
  • Going forward, users can only create measurements on their data and will no longer accidentally miss points or take measurements on the terrain.

To find out more about our browser-based application for visualizing, analyzing and sharing point spatial 3D data, visit the Trimble Clarity product page.

From there, you can create a trial license or learn about available subscription plans.