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What's New in Trimble Access 2021.00


Version 2021.00 of the Trimble Access software was released in February 2021. You can view the release notes for full details on this release.

New hardware support

Trimble TSC5 controller

Trimble Access version 2021.00 supports the new Trimble TSC5 survey controller. The TSC5 is an Android-based survey controller, featuring a five-inch screen and full keyboard. It's optimized to run the latest Trimble Access field software for streamlined survey workflows. To install Trimble Access, run the Trimble Installation Manager which is preinstalled on the TSC5.

TSC5 with Access


Trimble SX12 scanning total station

Trimble Access version 2021.00 supports the new Trimble SX12 scanning total station. The SX12 integrates high-accuracy surveying, imaging, and 3D scanning capabilities into your everyday workflow. Based on the popular Trimble SX10 scanning total station, the SX12 features a green focusable laser pointer with a spot size of just 3 mm at 50 m.

Trimble SX instruments are now supported by the Trimble Access Mines app, in addition to Tunnels, Roads and Monitoring.



Set scan limit for SX10 or SX12 scans

When scanning with a Trimble SX10 or SX12 scanning total station, you can now set a scan range so that only points within the specified range are stored. To limit the scan range, select the Scan limits check box, and then enter the Minimum distance and Maximum distance values for acceptable scan points. Points outside the specified range will not be stored.


Capturing panoramas with the SX10 or SX12 Telecamera

When connected to a Trimble SX10 or SX12 scanning total station, you can now capture panoramas using the Telecamera. Panoramas can be captured at any time during a survey, or as part of a scan.

The Telecamera is available only when the Framing method is set to Rectangle or Polygon. Telecamera panorama images are fixed focus. For best results, the contents of the framed area should all be at a similar distance. Panoramas captured using the Telecamera are limited to a maximum of 1000 images.


Blink laser setting also blinks tracklight or TIL

When storing a point measured with DR mode, the instrument tracklight or target illumination light (TIL) now blink with the laser for the number of times set in the Blink laser field of the EDM settings screen, regardless of whether the tracklight or the target illumination light is already turned on.


Surface inspections now available in the Video screen

You can now perform the Surface inspection Cogo function when viewing the Video screen or the map. Surface inspection point clouds visible in the map are now also shown in the Video screen. To select surface inspection point clouds to display, tap  in the map or video toolbar and select Scans. Tap a scan to select it.


Favorites and functions enhancements

You can now set a function key to escape from a form, or to display the on-screen keyboard. The keyboard is shown only if the current field allows text entry.

For more information, see the topic Favorite screens and functions in the Trimble Access Help.


Editing Measure codes

The following changes now make editing Measure codes buttons faster:

  • When you tap and hold any code button on the Measure codes form you can now edit the code for that button without having to enter the Edit measure codes screen.
  • When you have saved the change the software returns to the Measure codes form.
  • To edit more than just a single code use the Edit measure codes button.
  • When editing a code, the previous code is highlighted, making replacing the code much faster.

Single tap to measure enabled by default when measuring codes

When measuring points using the Measure codes function, the Single tap to measure check box is now enabled by default, which means that a single tap on any code button will open the Measure topo or Measure point form.

To disable single tap, tap Options in the Measure codes screen and clear the Single tap to measure check box. When Single tap to measure is not enabled, then unless the correct button is already highlighted you will need to tap the button twice or tap Measure to progress to the Measure topo or Measure point form. This extra tap gives you a chance to make other changes, for example to add a string suffix.

For more information, see the topic To measure and code observations in the Trimble Access Help.


Supported controllers

Windows 10 devices:

  • Trimble TSC7 controller
  • Trimble T7 or T10 tablet
  • Supported third-party Windows tablets

Android devices:

  • Trimble TSC5 controller 
  • Trimble TDC600 handheld
  • Trimble TCU5 controller


More Information

For more information on Trimble Access please refer to the Trimble Access Help portal