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Perform Area Scans with Trimble Perspective v3.1.1

Area scans allow you to have a user-defined area to provide a greater level of detail for a specific region of your station setup when working with a Trimble X7 laser scanner.

Some of the scenarios that benefit from the area scan feature include: 

  • Scanning areas affected by moving obstructions during the full dome scan
  • Scanning with high sensitivity on difficult surfaces requiring more data
  • Capturing project objects that have multiple configuration
  • Achieving greater detail on targets or project control
  • Maximizing detail on primary focus without increasing file sizes if full station set up
  • Reducing observation time for high-resolution capture on areas of interest

How to use the new area scan feature:

  1. Area scans become available after taking a full dome scan.

2. You can choose the area(s) you want to scan with greater density or high sensitivity.

3. Collect areas of interest in greater detail and efficiently utilize longer scan settings in order to capture what you need in a station setup.

Learn more about Trimble Perspective Software and the Trimble X7 3D scanning system.