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Bears, Boundaries, Bridges & Beyond: Scanning at Dimensions+


As one of the fastest growing areas of technology development, 3D laser scanning is quickly becoming an essential tool in every surveyor's toolbox, with a growing range of applications that will likely surprise many. For those who want to touch, talk, and test the latest in scanning solutions while exploring the ever-growing host of applications, Trimble Dimensions+ is the place to be — no matter your skill level or interests. 

Here's the breakdown of Scanning content available during the conference, starting November 7, 2022:

Expo Area and Hands-On Sessions

Trimble scanning experts will be in the expo hall to talk about the latest scanning workflows, from scanning and reviewing data in the field, to creating final deliverables and sharing them with clients. Be sure to sign up for a hands-on session for more detailed, custom demonstrations.

Offsite Area

The offsite area will feature the Trimble SX12 and X7 systems and is a great environment to get a demo from Trimble experts in a real-world, outside setting under the Las Vegas sun. 

Classroom Sessions

There are more than 50 classroom sessions related to scanning presented by both Trimble and industry experts like yourself. See the scanning sessions pre-filtered in the catalog to book sessions ahead of the conference.

One of the most unique presentations will be from the National Park Service, highlighting the use of 3D laser scanning to estimate the size of black bears in Alaska’s Katmai National Park and to document remote or threatened Alaskan properties. Or it might be the story of how a survey team used the Trimble SX10 to capture the exact conditions and vertical deviation of an aging 7-story bourbon rickhouse in Kentucky to better understand and protect historic, complex, and essential structures.

In another breakout session, an industry leading engineering firm will show how it combined 3D laser scanning technology with drones and GNSS to create a digital twin of a dam that, when combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, is able to detect anomalies such as cracks and spalls. 

For those focused on roads and bridges, several sessions will spotlight scanning applications for transportation agencies and project partners.  For instance, the Pennsylvania DOT is hosting a session on how to use scan data to produce detailed digital models of large Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls and bridge structures for comparative analysis over time. 

New to the scanning track this year is the Ask the Experts sessions, a dedicated time for attendees to talk with Trimble experts about scanning technology and applications. This is a singular chance to find answers to specific challenges and learn from Trimble’s product development team directly.

Computer Labs

These sessions offer training with Trimble scanning experts on software workflows and best practices. Log in or create your Dimensions+ profile, then click on the links below to add to your schedule:

From beginners to advanced users, Trimble Dimensions+ has something for individuals of all scanning skill levels, beginning up to advanced. The goal of the conference’s scanning track is to take complicated and complex technology and make it simple to use, easily accessible and expand the scope of applications in ways that go beyond conventional practice.

See you in Las Vegas!