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TBC Does That #5: GNSS, Total Station, Level, Scanning, and Drone Data


What TBC Does:

TBC is a geospatial data hub, a one-stop-shop for data processing and integration. TBC supports data collected by many kinds of sensors to facilitate consolidation, such as mobile mapping sensors, terrestrial scanners and drones. Raw measurements from GNSS, total station, and levels can also be combined into the same project.

How this helps you:

Instead of using different software to handle data from individual devices, streamline your workflow by importing multi-source data into TBC and integrating within a single software environment. You can check, modify, and recompute the resulting coordinates from those different sources without ever leaving TBC.

How it works:

To drag and drop files into one project:

  • Click Import on the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Browse for the folder containing the file you wish to import
  • Select files

Pro tip: Default import settings for that file type will always be used, so if you frequently perform the same task, reset your defaults. 

For more details about saving time and money integrating data from multiple sources into one project, go to Tip of the Week 34 and Tip of the Week 70.


The “TBC Does That” series, written by the Trimble Business Center (TBC) Team, focuses on the broad range of functionality that TBC delivers to you. Periodically we will release information to help you improve productivity by making the most of TBC’s built-in tools.