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Trimble Dimensions 2023: Geospatial Tracks

This year at our Trimble Dimensions conference, we have dedicated Trimble Geospatial session tracks, so you can get a comprehensive training experience for the workflows, technology and discussions you need:

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  • Survey Fundamentals
  • Survey Data Processing
  • Survey Technology
  • Scanning
  • Mobile Mapping
  • GIS Asset Mapping and Inspection
  • Geospatial Industries

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Survey Fundamentals

This track will focus on field and office workflows using products like Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center (TBC) software, GNSS systems, total stations and 3D laser scanners. There will also be computer lab sessions for automated survey monitoring using Trimble 4D Control (T4D) software. Session titles include:

  • Connecting the Dots: Office-to-Field-to-Office Workflows with Trimble
  • Navigating the Future of Construction Projects: Digital Construction for Surveyors
  • Elevating Accuracy: Mastering Total Station Technology with Trimble Systems
  • Unlocking the Full Potential of GNSS with Trimble
  • Measure Codes Unleashed: Revolutionizing Topographic Surveys
  • Working with Earth Centered Earth Fixed (ECEF) Cartesian Coordinates
  • Monitoring 101: Automating your Total Station with Trimble 4D Control (computer lab)
  • Integrated Surveying: Taking your Existing Robot and GNSS to the Next Level
  • Advanced RTK Corrections beyond UHF
  • Top 10 Areas Where Errors and Blunders Can Occur While Surveying With Advanced Technology
  • Autonomy and Surveying Using Drones and Mobile Mapping Systems
  • A Digital Twin for the Win: Integrating Casino Slots with Trimble SX12, Trimble X7, and UAS LiDAR

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Survey Data Processing

This track will cover a range of surveying topics, from core workflows like field data QA/QC and CAD tools, to more specialized applications like 3D laser scanning, aerial photogrammetry and mobile mapping. This track will focus on Trimble Business Center office workflows, and have computer labs and breakout presentation sessions. Session titles include:

  • How to Correct Surveying Field Errors Using TBC
  • Practical GNSS Network Processing and Adjustment using TBC
  • Creating Land Boundary Deliverables in TBC 
  • TBC—Export LandXML Roads Without Defining a Corridor
  • Optical data QA/QC, Traverse, and Parcel Creation
  • Network Adjustments in TBC
  • Automated Point Cloud Feature Extraction in TBC
  • Cadastral and Scanning Field-to-Finish Workflow in TBC
  • Surfaces, Contours, and Volumes in TBC
  • Feature Coding Applications in TBC
  • Caltrans Asset Lifecycle Management System (CALMS) Updates
  • Calculating Bridge Beam Deformation Using TBC Point Cloud Module
  • How Accurate is It? How We Can Measure and Report Reality Capture Data
  • GIS Connections and Interoperability in TBC
  • Baseline Processing and Maximizing GNSS Data Processing Efficiency 
  • Revolutionizing Surveying and Mapping in Construction with TBC Photogrammetry
  • Scanning for Surveyors in TBC
  • Aerial Photogrammetry for Surveyors in TBC
  • TBC for Beginners
  • TBC Setup & Processing Tips & Tricks
  • Ask the Experts: TBC

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Survey Technology

For those who want to take a deep dive into the core technologies that power Trimble products, we will have tracks presented by product managers and engineers that help you understand how our products are designed, built and maintained so you can get the most out of your technology investment. Session titles include:

  • Know your Total Station Better: Learn More About Instrument Errors and Calibration
  • Boost the Productivity of Your Total Station Communications
  • Think Outside the Total Station: Understanding Tripods, Tribrachs and Prism Impacts on your Survey
  • Demystifying the Numbers to Ensure your Measurements are Spot-On
  • Inside the Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station
  • Inside the Trimble X9 3D Laser Scanning System
  • Common Problems and Proactive Maintenance on Trimble Data Collectors
  • Cybersecurity and You: What Trimble is Doing to Protect your Equipment and Data
  • Demystifying the Technology: Behind the Scenes of Trimble SX12, Trimble DA2 and Trimble X9
  • Trimble Catalyst: Behind the Scenes of the Revolutionary GNSS Receiver
  • Redefine the Boundaries of GNSS Performance: Trimble ProPoint and TIP Technology

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This track will focus on terrestrial scanning workflows using Trimble Perspective, Trimble RealWorks™, TBC and the Trimble X7, Trimble X9 and Trimble X12 3D laser scanning systems. This track will have computer labs and breakout presentation sessions. Session titles include:

  • Intro to Trimble Scanning 
  • Customer Panel: How Scanning Changed Our Business
  • Fundamentals: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Scanning Workflow
  • Using 3D Laser Scanning to Complete Alta Surveys
  • Cloud Collaboration: Sharing Scanning Deliverables and Data 
  • Fundamentals: Getting Started with RealWorks
  • Fundamentals:  Registration in RealWorks
  • Ask the Experts: Present and Future of Reality Capture
  • Deliverables from 3D Laser Scanning data in TBC
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Dimensional Control on the Industrial Scale
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Dummies: How to add Scanning to your Existing Survey Workflow
  • Lighthouse Views from the SX12 and X7 Systems
  • Advanced: Performing Inspections in RealWorks
  • Advanced: Surface Creation in RealWorks
  • Advanced: Modeling in RealWorks 
  • Advanced: Registration in RealWorks

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Mobile Mapping

This track will focus on vehicle-mounted mapping systems including Trimble MX50, Trimble MX7, Trimble MX9 and associated software workflows. This track will have computer labs and breakout presentation sessions. Session titles include:

  • Road Condition Surveys and Road Corridor Mapping
  • From Handhelds to Mobile Mapping: Exploring Trimble's Data Collection Solutions for Every Project Stage
  • New Efficient Solutions for Distribution Powerline Extraction and Utility Pole Survey 
  • Urban Roadway Corridor Mapping
  • Ask the Experts: Mobile Mapping
  • How to Optimize your Mobile Mapping Project using Cansel Best Practices
  • Trimble MX9 Data Applied to Pavement Management
  • Troubleshooting a Mobile Mapping System

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GIS Asset Mapping and Inspection

This track will focus on the digitized collection and inspection of assets that are managed in asset management systems and GIS platforms such as Esri® ArcGIS® Pro. It will cover best practices for collecting field data using Trimble geospatial technology, as well as real-world workflow examples ranging from utility industry applications to natural resource and environmental asset management. Session titles include:

  • Accuracy Matters: How Trimble Technology is Transforming Asset Data Capture and Inspection
  • Achieving Accuracy: Mastering GNSS and Coordinate Systems for Field Asset Capture and Inspection
  • Mastering GIS Data: Bridging the Gap Between the Field and your Esri ArcGIS Database
  • Mobile Data Collection 101: A Beginner's Guide to Trimble TerraFlex
  • Trimble Embedded: The Power of integrating Trimble GNSS, from TMM to TPSDK
  • What's New in Trimble TerraFlex: Sensor Workflows & Enhanced Features
  • From Data to Deliverables: TBC Workflows for UAV Imagery and 3D GIS Data Preparation & Extraction
  • Pavement Analysis: Utilizing Catalyst DA2 and ArcGIS Field Maps for Data Collection and Analysis
  • Managing Underground Infrastructure in the ROW with GIS
  • High Accuracy Data Collection using ArcGIS Field Maps
  • Trimble and Radio Detection: Revolutionizing Subsurface Damage Prevention
  • Simplifying GIS Data Exchange in Multi-Software Environments
  • Tape and Wheel No More: Automate Field Data Collection Using Trimble Catalyst and Esri Products

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Geospatial Industries

This track will feature sessions on specific industry workflows such as road corridors, bridge inspections, underground utility mapping and more. Session titles include:

  • Industry Panel: Employee Attraction and Retention in Surveying
  • Transforming your Survey Business: Market Trends, Best Practices and the Next Generation
  • Digital Construction: What Does It Mean for Surveyors and How to Prepare for It
  • Flexing Surveying Safety: SX12 Data in TBC for Highway Scanning
  • How to Create Educational and Support Content using Trimble Virtual World
  • Expanding Your Capabilities with Customized Deliverables, Software Extensions and SDKs
  • Industry Deep Dive: Major Road/Rail Infrastructure Project and the Surveyor's Role
  • 8 Years to Triumph: Scaling a Surveying Business from 9 to 130 Staff
  • Utilizing Mobile Mapping for bringing Fiber to the Home
  • Surveying in the Steel Fabrication Industry

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