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Boost Survey Workflows with the Latest Updates in Trimble RealWorks 12.1

The Trimble® RealWorks® software version 12.1 release (February 3, 2022) brings a number of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Introducing features based on customer feedback and building on the enhancements of version 12 this release includes feature upgrades to import & export options, data management, annotations, inspections, imaging, and modeling.

Point clouds in the cloud

Sharing data via the cloud is much easier with the new “Export to Clarity” option. This allows you to export your point cloud data directly to the Trimble Clarity cloud so it can be shared with anyone. Trimble RealWorks creates a TDZ file to import into Clarity. From here, you can share and view the entire point cloud via a web browser. Trimble Clarity software also has the ability to geo-reference point clouds, allowing you to visualize your data on the globe.

Point clouds in the cloud

Enhanced with users in mind

We have made a number of improvements based on user feedback. Use the undo button or CTRL-Z to remove individual vertices when using the segmentation tool. This eliminates the need to redo an entire segmentation if you make a mistake. Undo can also be used while free hand drawing with the segmentation tool.

Enhanced with users in mind

We have brought back the ability to use the segmentation tool from within the ortho-projection tool. You no longer need to exit continuously the ortho-projection tool in order to segment the cloud.

Screenshot of segmentation tool button, within the ortho-projection tool

Add hyperlinks to the description of annotations. This makes it easier to link documents, webpages or videos, without having to paste weblinks into the description box. The annotation shows in the description with underlined text. Clicking the link will automatically open a web-browser. These annotations also follow the project when exported to Trimble Clarity. 

Description of annotations

Further enhancements to the annotation tool include creating annotations at particular locations of an inspection map by choosing a point in the 3D or 2D viewer. These annotations are given a “2D inspection distance” field, storing the value of the inspection map at this particular location. Do this on any type of inspection map created in the software: Twin Surface Inspection, Surface to Model Inspection, Wall Verticality Inspection, Floor Inspection, and Storage Vertical Tank Inspection (Tank bottom Evaluation).

Annotations follow the project when exported to Clarity

Building on our new features

In Trimble RealWorks 12, we introduced the new Create Pipe tool. This tool intelligently uses point cloud data to create pipe models with just a click. In version 12.1 we have added grab handles to the extremities, making it easier to edit the pipe lengths, once created. Improvements, under the hood, make the Create Pipe tool more accurate when creating runs, elbows, reducers and t-junctions. Finally, we have added a branch switch option to make it easier to fix t-junction that have been modeled incorrectly.  

Building new features

Trimble RealWorks 12.1 features many new enhancements when importing and exporting files. Import survey networks from CSV files and station positions can be exported to CSV, as well. LAZ 1.4 is supported, adding the ability to include classes of LAZ 1.4 and to export over 4 billion points. With enhancements to JXL imports, RealWorks can now read object-oriented stations created in Trimble Access. We have also improved our behavior with scale factors in JXL imports. Projects are now positioned closer to the ground coordinates stored in the JXL file.

Survey networks imports

To learn more about the features and enhancements in Trimble RealWorks software version 12.1, please view our Release Note.