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Trimble RealWorks Modify Geometry

When modifying the position of modeled geometry using the pan tool you often need to zoom in close to make sure you are positioning it correctly. However, sometimes this is difficult if the panning manipulator is far from your focus as it is placed in the center of the geometry by default.

TRW Modify Geometry

To make this process of precisely positioning your model easier you can change the position of the panning manipulator in Trimble RealWorks. To do this select the Change Manipulator Location from the Modify Geometry tool bar or use the short cut key of the letter c. Then click where you would like the manipulator moved to.

TRW Modify Geometry Zoom

You can see in the image below that the manipulator has been moved closer to the area being modeled.

TRW Modify Geometry Area of Interest

Panning the model can now be done as usual but with the added benefit of being visible when zoomed in very closely on the area of interest.

TRW Modify Geo Zoom In


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