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Video: Storage Tanks - Transforming Inspections and Calibration

Transforming the way Storage Tanks are Inspected and Calibrated

3D laser scanning is a remarkable technology that has been applied to many industries to improve productivity and safety while producing unparalleled results. Join 3D scanning expert Jason Hayes as he demonstrates how this technology can be applied to storage tank inspection and calibration.

Learn what makes this technology so effective in analyzing every nuance of the shape, size and storage capacity of storage tanks and their surroundings.

Applications include shell and bottom inspection, calibration and secondary containment evaluation.

The Benefits of using the Trimble Storage Tank Solutions

Complete Coverage

Traditional inspection methods take sample measurements around the tanks which allows for the potential to miss problem areas. High speed laser scanning can capture the entire surface of the tank with centimeter resolution or less.

Safety and Efficiency

Many times, a storage tank can be fully measured by a single person in less than and hour without the need to use ladders or lifts.

Ease of Use

Intuitive software designed specifically for the storage tank industry makes field data capture and office processing straight forward and efficient. The Advanced Tank edition of Trimble RealWorks provides powerful tools for analyzing data and creating industry specific reports.

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