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Trimble at INTERGEO 2022

Sensor fusion. Connectivity. Digital workflows. Plan to hear these topics – and more – from Trimble at INTERGEO, Oct. 18-20 2022 in Essen (Germany). Trimble will showcase its world-class solutions during one of the largest geospatial industry events, bringing together a diverse audience of surveyors, engineering and GIS service companies, governments, utilities, and transportation authorities. Trimble’s booth is located in Hall 1 - D1.005. 

Trends and Purpose

For more than four decades, Trimble’s technology solutions have helped surveyors reach new levels of success by connecting information, providing the highest accuracy positioning and facilitating seamless and safe communication. In 2022, Trimble is at the forefront of a digital transformation of construction, driven by the convergence of multiple powerful and highly accurate sensors. This fusion of sensors fueled by connected, cloud-based workflows comes at a time when surveyors are in high demand around the world for some of the largest infrastructure projects in a generation.  

The Surveyor’s Role Today

The role of the surveyor is transitioning from boots-on-the-ground activity to managers of comprehensive geospatially referenced models and rich data offering better visualization, fidelity and meta information. The digital twin – the end game of scanning and mobile mapping workflows – starts with the surveyor, who will capture the earth and convert it into a digital model. To do these tasks efficiently and effectively, surveyors need intuitive workflows to capture, process and manage data, with ease and accuracy.

Experience the Benefits

Visitors to the Trimble presentation in hall 1, booth D1.005 will be able to experience selected instruments, such as the company’s industry-leading 3D laser scanning, augmented reality and mobile mapping systems. The latest product innovations, such as the new Trimble X12 3D laser scanning system which combines superior hardware features with an intuitive, ultra-efficient software workflow for guaranteed peak performance, will also be on display, as well as the multiple award-winning Trimble X7 3D laser scanning system. 

We will furthermore showcase connected and cloud-based software workflows for surveying, construction, monitoring and tunneling applications. In the field of aerial survey, Applanix’s AP+ Air GNSS/IMU is on display. The Trimble 4D Control Geotechnical edition features the latest sensor integrations and most recent software releases in monitoring solutions. Also on display is the latest Trimble RTX advanced PPP technology.

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18 October, 15.30-16.30 // Session 1.2.4: Positionale I - GNSS in Practice: “Präzise Positionierung (PPP) mit RTK Genauigkeit für Jede/n” // Herbert Landau (German)

19 October, 16.30-17.30 // Session 2.2.5: BIM for Infrastructure: “Digital based workflows using Trimble Access, Quadri and SiteVision” // Tor-Erik Djupos (English)

20 October, 15.00-16.00 // Session 3.2.4: Robotic Laser Scanning: 3D Laser Scanning Challenge // Steven Witte (English)

EXPO Stages

19 October, 10:00 - 11:00 // WGIC Technical Track: "Spatial digital twins and their value creation" // Tim Lemmon (English)

19 October, 15:20 - 15:40 // Session 'Digitization, Automation and AI': “Using 3D model data for setting out and inspection process for fabrication to increase productivity and quality” on Stage 1, Hall 3 // Marianna Kopsida (English)

19 October, 16:20 - 16:40 // Session 'Monitoring': “Benefits of laser scanning and digital imaging in monitoring applications” on Stage 1, Hall 3 // Christian Breuer (English)

20 October, 16:20 - 17:00 // INTERGEO Closing Session // Markus Westphal (English)

International Press Conference

19 October, 12:30 - 13:30 // INTERGEO Press Conference: Scott Crozier, the recently appointed Vice President for Trimble’s Survey and Mapping franchise, will join a panel discussion on "Climate change - What is the contribution of the Geospatial community?"

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