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What's new in Trimble Inpho Version 11

Trimble Inpho version 11 is available from November 18th for all Inpho software products, including UASMaster. The new main version 11 was developed to meet the evolving needs of the rapidly growing aerial imagery market with an enhanced productivity. A unified image matching engine for UAS scenarios now enhances the adjustment geometry, improving the quality of final results, while simplifying the workflows for challenging UAV projects.

Workflow enhancements in MATCH-3DX

The new 3D reconstruction engine in MATCH-3DX offers a smoother workflow in the production line. Using .laz as internal point cloud format results in a drastic project size reduction while an increased efficiency in reading .laz files brings significant performance improvements for slow file systems such as network drives, HDDs as well as high performance storage devices. Additionally, users benefit from significant performance improvements in exporting mesh results in SLPK, Cesium, dae, and obj formats.

New 'Batch-Processing' feature in MATCH-3DX

The new feature 'Batch-Processing' in MATCH-3DX allows users to produce point clouds from repeated flights of the same camera in the same area, increasing productivity especially for forensics, insurance and disaster management applications. With full batch processing users can now run MATCH-3DX without requiring interaction for the Inpho project file setup and for the MATCH-3DX point cloud processing.

Batch Processing

Simplified interface for Distributed Processing

Considering the increase of project sizes and number of images in aerial photogrammetry projects,users today are more interested in distributing and scaling up their processes to more machines to improve performance and meet their tight deadlines.

Inpho Version 11 offers a new user interface for simplifying the Distributed Processing based on HTCondor™ pool configuration. This is a highly requested feature (recommended for usage of 3 machines and more) available for MATCH-T and OrthoMaster with favorably Distributed Processing Licenses (DPL) and also for MATCH-3DX (no DPL available yet).

Users can benefit from the simplified pool setup in DPMaster version 11 based on the improvements in the configuration dialog. In version 11, the automatic job definition (Split, Submit and Merge) in MATCH-3DX can be performed by any independent machine in the processing pool, leading to more flexibility in the setup and distribution of the job.

Distribution Processing

Tie point extraction in satellite imagery

The tie point extraction algorithm has been revised and stabilized so that the tie point extraction runs successfully in multiple projects.

Satellite Imagery

Highlights in UASMaster 11

Unified matching engine in UASMaster

A new and unified image matching engine enhances the matching geometry and tie point generation for challenging UAS projects in aerial scenarios and delivers outstanding performance and stability in close range scenarios. The main strengths of this engine are:

  • Navigation information (GNSS/IMU) and Ground Control Points (GCP’s) not required for matching
  • Stable processing for aerial scenarios with challenging flight situations (e.g. windy atmosphere)
  • Strong image matching for complex platforms with oblique and rotating cameras
  • Strong block geometry based on the smart tie point selection and more homogeneous distribution
  • Drastically higher performance in processing of 3D scenario for close range applications (5x faster)
  • Simplified workflow for choosing the appropriate matching strategy within scenarios

Matching engine

Improved quality for true-orthophotos

High quality true orthophoto can now be generated based on the Semi-Global-Matching (SGM) algorithm. The result are true orthophos with more crispy edges along the buildings, better overall color balancing, as well as a better separation of complex objects like tree crowns from neighbouring environments.


Don't miss our webinar on Monday, November 30th, to learn more about the new features in Inpho version 11. Register here for the English session or the Spanish session.

To download the latest version of Trimble Inpho and UASMaster, please follow this link. Users with a valid maintenance contract will receive a license update shortly after the release. If you do not have a valid maintenance contract, please contact your local distributor to update your license.