Limitless Imagery

Trimble MX software supports a variety of mobile mapping data—standalone imagery or imagery with point clouds. Neatly organize all single runs, bundle raw data into manageable projects, clean up artifacts, control positional accuracy, consolidate vital details and deliver excellent results.

Key features:

  • Trimble MX Content Manager efficiently cleans and organizes data for deliverable production
  • Trimble MX Asset Modeler easily extracts features and measurements to populate geodatabases and other systems of record
  • Trimble MX Publisher simplifies the sharing of mobile mapping results with project stakeholders
  • Trimble MX Publisher Plug-ins simplify accessing mobile mapping data in many popular GIS and CAD environments
Devices, Software, and Accessories
Works With...
MX7 Mobile Imaging
Trimble MX7
Mobile imaging for asset management
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Trimble MX50 mobile mapping system
Trimble MX50
Mobile scanning and imaging for asset management and road maintenance
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MX9 Mobile Mapping
Trimble MX9
The next-generation mobile mapping system
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