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What's New in Trimble Access 2020


Trimble Access 2020 was released this week and is available for Windows 10 controllers, and now for the first time, on the Trimble TDC600 powered by Android. View the release notes here, or download the new version using Trimble Installation Manager.

Trimble TDC600 Powered by Android

For surveyors looking to use a smart-phone style mobile device to collect data in the field, the Trimble TDC600 running Trimble Access 2020 provides an optimal solution with its lightweight, rugged design. It is also ideal for surveyors looking for a lower-cost platform with the new Trimble Access software and workflows. 

The TDC600 can connect to all supported GNSS receivers and most conventional instruments using Bluetooth. To perform a robotic survey you will need to connect TDC600 to your instrument using the Trimble TDL2.4 radio. 

Trimble Access on TDC600

Snap-to Toolbar

The Snap-to toolbar provides a simple way to select locations on objects in the map by snapping onto a specific point, even if no point exists. For example, you can use the Snap-to toolbar to accurately select the end point of a line or polyline or the center of an arc from linework in a map  file, such  as an IFC or DXF file.



To display the toolbar, tap on the map toolbar and then select Snap-to toolbar. The following Snap-to tools are available: Snap to midpoint, Snap to end, Snap to intersection, Snap to PI of arc, Snap to center, and Snap to nearest.



Select the required tool from the Snap-to toolbar and then select the line, arc, or polyline in the map to "snap" to the appropriate location on the selected item. If a point does not already exist at the selected location, Trimble Access calculates a point. You can use calculated points like any other point, for example to stake out or to perform other Cogo functions. To be able to reuse a calculated point in the future, tap and hold in the map and select Create point to create a point from the calculated point and store it to the job.

The Snap-to toolbar is only available when you are using General Survey.

Limit Box

The Limit box enables you to exclude data in the map to view more clearly the area you are interested in. The Limit box is especially useful when  viewing IFC files or point clouds, where you can exclude parts of the model or point cloud so that you can view inside the model or point cloud.

To display the Limit box tools, tap on the map toolbar and then select Limit box. The Limit box toolbar appears to the right of the map. You can set the size of the Limit box using the vertical, side, or front/back sliders, or by entering limit values.

To align the limit box sliders with the orientation of the scan data or IFC model, set the Reference azimuth for the job in the Cogo settings screen.

The following images  show  viewing an IFC file without the Limit box (left) and with the Limit box enabled (right):

Limit Box Controls Trimble Access

Measuring points using independent subsets of tracked satellites

In RTK surveys, you can now measure points with independent subsets of the currently tracked GNSS satellite constellation. This allows for consecutive measurements  to be independent of each other, without having to revisit the point after a significant period of time to ensure the constellation has changed. The SV subset function divides all tracked SVs into two subsets with an even spread throughout the sky, and can be used  to make an occupation independent without having to return at another time. The SV subset function is available from the Satellites screen or the RTK Initialization screen.

Trimble Access 2020 Video Tutorials Playlist

Supported controllers

Windows 10 devices:

  • Trimble TSC7 controller
  • Trimble T7 or T10 tablet
  • Supported third-party tablets

Android devices:

  • Trimble TDC600 

Installation Information

To install Trimble Access 2020.00 onto a supported controller you must have a Trimble Access software maintenance agreement valid up to 1 May 2020. To install the software to your controller, use the appropriate Trimble Installation Manager for your controller operating system.

To upgrade from an older controller to a new controller, you can relinquish your Trimble Access software license from an older controller that has current software maintenance using the Trimble Installation Manager. Once your distributor has reassigned the licenses to your new controller, you can install Trimble Access to the new controller using Trimble Installation Manager.

For more information refer to:

Don't have a current license? You can still try out the software on Windows devices.

We have made it easier for you to try out the latest version of Trimble Access. You can use Trimble Installation Manager to create a limited demonstration license and then install Trimble Access 2020.00 onto any Windows 10 computer. Demonstration licenses are limited to adding 30 points per job, however large jobs created elsewhere can be opened and reviewed. Demonstration licenses allow connections to GNSS receivers and total stations for the first 30 days. After 30 days you can only "connect"  to the GNSS emulator and manual instruments.

TIP – Demonstration licenses are available only for Windows. To view how the software would look on a TDC600 controller, use the Simulate controller function in Trimble Access and select TDC600. For more information, see the topic To simulate a controller in the Trimble Access Help.