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What’s Possible with Trimble Maxwell 7 Technology

Today’s GNSS receivers have varying levels of accuracy readily available, simplifying many land surveying tasks. However, to quote one of Trimble’s GNSS engineers, “It’s easy to get a GNSS position under an open sky, but to quickly get a high-quality GNSS position in difficult environments like under tree canopy is a totally different story.”


Trimble GNSS receivers are known for innovative, high-performance capabilities, and Trimble® Maxwell™ 7 technology is the main reason for that reputation. The proprietary hardware and firmware, collectively known as Maxwell technology, were developed at Trimble. Trimble teams are constantly improving the platform, which is currently in its seventh generation. This collection of technologies enables Trimble GNSS receivers to get highly accurate positions quickly and reliably, even in the most challenging environments. 

Explore what Maxwell 7 can do:

Maxwell 7 technology can be found onboard the Trimble R12i, Trimble R12, Trimble R580, Trimble R780 and Trimble R980 GNSS receivers.